LOOBIES STORY IS a boutique brand, for women who are interested to tell their own story rather than being confined to the latest trends. 

 Each season our team mindfully design “collectible” pieces, which will live comfortably in our wardrobes for years to come.  At the same time our technical team work hard with suppliers to ensure the quality of our fabrics and garments will also withstand the test of time and a life well lived.

 Our story is more relevant than ever given the growing concern about the impact of fashion on the environment and on the people who make our clothes.

 For us… A LOVE FOR LIFE + A LIFE WELL LIVED has been our story from the conception of Loobie’s Story in 2009. For us a life well lived involves the communities where we live, work, as well as where we travel, which after all is the inspiration of our brand.

Travelling twice a year to countries such as China and India has opened our eyes to both the positive and negative impacts of our industry. This has made us more determined than ever to continually review our working practises and find better approaches from the design stage all the way to how we deliver to products.

 The well being of everyone in our story is key to our success and so here our narrative begins …..