1)  Never hang knitwear – fold to avoid stretching, drooping and shoulder ‘dimples’ caused by hangers.

2)  Knitwear pills – even the most high quality knitwear pills – in fact often more so than cheaper yarns.  (Think of how fluffy a pure wool carpet is after its first laid) Invest in a knitwear comb or shaver and gently DE-pill your garments starting with a non-visible area first like the underarm’s until you get the hang of this gentle task.

3)  Freshen knits between wears – airing for 24 hours or using a freshening spray between wears is better for your garment than frequent washing. 

4)  Wash only when necessary – Spot wash stains where possible, using cold water and a gentle dabbing motion – never rub! Wash on a gentle cycle, or hand wash (unless otherwise stated on the care label) using a gentle wool wash and squeeze out any excess moisture by rolling up in a non-fluffy towel.  Do not wring, and do not put in the dryer unless you are wanting to shrink your garment!  Dry flat on a towel out of the sun to avoid discolouration, shaping the knitwear on the towel.  Once dry, steam or gently iron only if required.

5)  Store clean knitwear between seasons with cedar shavings in a natural fabric bag to keep moths and silverfish at bay. To refresh the scent, crush the bag gently in your hands and to keep it fresh for years to come add a few drops of cedar essential oil.  YOURS FREE with any Loobie’s Story knitwear purchased (while stock last) – Available from our Loobie’s Story stockists.



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